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           Aromatic solutions can be as wide as your dreams!

           Our UNO501 diffuser allows you to aromatize different areas within a very large space without losing power or uniformity.

           The cold-air diffusion technology of all our diffusers combined with an HVAC system produces millions of nanoparticles that remain in the environment for much longer and allows you to enjoy your favorite fragrance in a completely safe way for pets, children, and furniture. By not using heat, it preserves all the therapeutic properties of essential oils. In addition, you can fully customize its settings and even sync with your cell phone.

            Design your path to success with the right scent. Start an olfactory journey with UNORO!


*Ultra-quiet operation.
*No residue.
*Low maintenance.
*Easy-to-used digital timer.
*Fully automatic.
*Cell phone sync.
*Perfect for large spaces.


*Cold-Air Diffusion Technology.
*Coverage up to 10,000 sq. Ft.
*1L - 2L oil capacity.
*Essential oil lasts approximately 4-7 weeks.

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