Uno301 Promotion (Diffuser ONLY)

Uno301 Promotion (Diffuser ONLY)

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* Oil Supply Is Not Included - Monthly Subscription Required. One of our scenting experts will contact you after your purchase in order to select your favorite fragrance oil (The cost for the fragrance oil is paid separately). 

If you’re looking for adaptability and power, this is your scenting solution!

           Find in our UNO301 diffuser the perfect mix between portability and fragrance consistency. Its completely silent operation will never break the tranquility of your space and it doesn’t need water to create the mist: the technology of this and all our diffusers use cold-air pressure to convert the essential oil into a dry mist of nanoparticles that make it 100% safe as it leaves no residue on any surface.

            Create the atmosphere of your dreams and enjoy all the benefits of scenting with UNORO. Start now an olfactory journey!


*Ultra-quiet operation.
*No residue. 
*Low maintenance.
*Easy-to-used digital timer.
*Fully automatic.


*Cold-Air Diffusion Technology.
*Coverage up to 500-1,500 m3/up to 900 sq. Ft.
*200 ML oil capacity. 
*Essential oil last approximately 4-7 weeks.