Smell is the strongest of all senses because it´s the most emotional one. It impacts more regions of the brain than any other and greatly affects the decision-making process. Which makes the decision to embrace a scenting program a smart and essential choice for your business.


Create A More Productive Workspace: Have Us Do The Work

You´ve taken a lot of time-consuming and expensive measures to make your workspace more inviting and productive. UNORO´s complete scenting solutions can add to your efforts with a modest investment of your time and resources.

From original custom scents that enhance your employee experience, to state-of-the-art cold-air diffuser systems that work for any-sized business, UNORO´s complete scenting solutions deliver short- and long-term results to your bottom line.

In fact, research has shown employees working in scented areas:

• Demonstrate improved self-sufficiency.

• More easily adopt productive work strategies.

• Error rates in word processing reduced significantly with lemon and lavender scents.

Increase speed and accuracy with peppermint scents.

• Create a lasting emotional connection to staff, resulting in longer-tenured employees.

Put these advantages to work for your business. Connect with a UNORO Scenting Brand Consultant today.