High-tech meets the comfort of your home.

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"Since my Unoro diffuser arrived, my home has smelled absolutely amazing. It’s so good to come home to these fabulous scents."
Kelsey Johnson

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"I just installed my new Unoro diffuser into my HVAC system in my office. The space feels so much fresher and energized. It’s so good to work here!"
Mark Elrod

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"I got a Unoro diffuser recently, and it has been life-changing. I program it to work at night since I have trouble sleeping. Ever since I’ve been using it and Unoro’s relaxing oil blends, my sleep has improved."
Olivia Whitlock

The world's best brands believe in scent marketing.

Shouldn't You?
Companies that so distinguish themselves all have one thing in common.
Fully integrated scenting programs into their brand marketing strategy.