Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers are like any retail business. The battle for new customers is daily and the fight to retain existing ones never ending. To win on both fronts, you need a program that can consistently differentiate you against your competitors.


Jack Up Profits: Complete Scenting Solutions For Fitness Centers

Welcome to UNORO and our complete line of scenting solutions. From original custom scents that enhance the brand experience, to state-of-the-art cold-air diffuser systems that work for any-sized fitness center.

UNORO´S complete scenting solutions will immediately impact your business by:

• Providing a branded differentiated scent that creates a powerful brand identity to distinguish you from your competitors.

• Improving first impressions b y creating permanent “sensory memories” that create a stronger bond between client and company.

• “Emotionally” connecting customers – who provide 52% more Lifetime Value than those who are “satisfied”.

• Increasing intent-to-purchase by 84%.

• Demonstrating your commitment to cleanliness with scents that deliver on freshness cues.

Put these advantages to work for your fitness center. Connect with a UNORO Scenting Brand Consultant today.