Event Venues

Smell is the strongest of all senses because it is the most emotional one. It impacts more regions of the brain than any other and greatly affects the decision-making process. Which makes the decision to embrace a scenting program a smart and essential choice for your event venue.


Make Sure Your Event Venues Get The Applause They Deserve

When you choose UNORO, you will get a scent branding strategy completely customized for your event. From original custom scents that enhance the guest experience, to state-of- the-art cold-air diffuser systems that work for any-sized facility, UNORO´S complete scenting solutions will impact your business both short- and long-term.


Jump in sales revenue


Improvement in customer satisfaction


Of what consumers smell they remember – far higher than sight, sound or touch


Of emotions are triggered by smell - emotions are the key to purchase decisions


Intent-to-purchase increase through scenting programs


Higher net promoter scores for companies that provide emotional connections

Put these numbers on your side. Connect with a UNORO Scenting Brand Consultant today.