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Field research proves well-executed scenting programs can increase Coin-in up to 45%. The question: What partner can deliver on that number? UNORO is the answer.


Don't Gamble With Your Scent Marketing Program

Unorois one company that provides clients with a complete line of solutions. From original custom scents that enhance the brand experience, to state-of-the-art col-air diffuser systems that work for any-sized casino, our complete scenting solutions deliver a ROI that pays off in the short - and long-term.


Jump in sales revenue


Improvement in customer satisfaction impacts current and future sales


Of what consumers smell they remember, far higher than sight, sound, touch – more memories, more repeat customers


Upside potential in Coin-in


Of emotions are triggered by smell –UNORO scenting programs trigger the emotions that translate into more gaming


Intent-to-purchase increase delivers more ROI from on-site customers and more future booked customers


Higher net promoter scores mean more recommendations and more beds booked and more players at tables

Adding to that, UNORO scenting programs encourage guests to stay longer and play more. And our customized essential oils dial down the smoke to elevate the gaming experience.

Perhaps best of all, our technology solution allows you to control the gaming environment literally from the palm of your hand.