A spouse and family in grief requires comfort and compassion at the highest level. Creating a tranquil, serene and supportive setting for those in pain can help you better comfort every family that comes to you in their greatest hour of need.


You Provide Compassion When It’s Needed Most – We Understand

And we can help. UNORO is the purveyor of original essential oil scents that are specifically formulated to reduce anxiety. And they are distributed through state-of-the-art cold-air diffuser systems that work for funeral homes of any and all dimensions. Let us help you create the most appropriate scent for your facility. One that will always provide a calming and restorative atmosphere for family and friends. Other advantages our scenting programs provide for funeral homes include:

• Emotional cues that lead t o clients and guests who are calmer and less anxious.

• Immediate client engagement in an environment that is immersive and positive.

• Specialized custom scents to create a powerful emotional connection to increase trust and

• Proof of commitment to cleanliness with scents that deliver on freshness cues.

Please contact us today. Together, we will develop a complete and customized scenting solution that provides comfort and care to those who need most.