Auto Dealership

Range Rover, Infiniti, Ferrari, Lexus and Acura know the power of a branded scenting solution: It provides a premium experience in their showroom that complements the luxury automobiles on display. In their terms: "It helps us move more sheet metal".


Accelerate Sales With A Custom Showroom Scenting Program

If you´d like to do the same, we can help. From original custom scents that enhance the brand experience, to state-of-the-art cold-air diffuser systems that work for any-sized showroom, UNORO´S complete scenting solutions will immediately impact your business both short- and long-term.


Jump in sales revenue


Improvement in customer satisfaction


Of what consumers smell they remember – far higher than sight, sound or touch


Of emotions are triggered by smell


Intent-to-purchase increase through scenting programs

Put these numbers on your side. Connect with a UNORO Scenting Brand Consultant today to develop a customized program for your showroom.