Assisted & Senior Living

Every day, senior living communities become a bigger and bigger part of the communities that makeup America. And every day, your home for seniors needs to establish stronger and more lasting bonds with residents, prospects and families.


Better Experience For Seniors Better Results For You

Today, one of the most important paths to achieve that objective is through managed scenting programs – precisely like the ones we put together for senior living facilities at UNORO. From original custom scents that enhance the brand experience, to state-of-the-art cold-air diffuser systems that work for any-sized facility.

UNORO´S complete scenting solutions will immediately impact your business. Here’s how:

GROW, KEEP HIGH CENSUS RATE – with up to 20% improved customer satisfaction.

SUPERIOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Scent trigger emotional connections which more positive feeling for residents, prospects, families.

CREATE A RELATIONSHIP ENVIRONMENT – Emotionally-connected scents create an atmosphere of clam, breaking down barriers and instantly improving rapport.

STATE SURVEY PERMITTED – allows for use in common areas and consistent across business hours.

Put these advantages to work for your senior care center. Connect with a UNORO Scenting Brand Consultant today.