Why do spas use scenting and how can we integrate their techniques into our daily lives?

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Have you ever been transported to a different state of relaxation while going to your favorite spa? For most of us, the answer is yes. How crazy would it be if I tell you this is due mainly to the effect scents have on us. It's eerie how humans can pinpoint certain smells and relate them to particular feelings; this is why tailored fragrances are used to stimulate distinct emotions, such as tranquility. Therefore, no wonder why spas around the globe tend to have their signature aroma, specially designed to calm guests and transport them to a serene atmosphere. More often than not, spas achieve this goal of peace and relaxation because the ingredients they use in their scenting blends have soothing properties. 


There's scientific research backing up these scenting aspects. Among many studies, the journal Brain Sciences from Switzerland published one in 2016 proves how scenting can "boost positive emotions, decrease bad moods, and lower stress ".1 Based on these findings, it's clear that scenting affects the brain and plays a huge role in customer experience, aromas can sidestep the brain regions that control logic, inducing emotions without the brain noticing. Therefore, clever spa owners are taking advantage of the function aromas play and pay attention to the fragrance portrayed in their spas to prompt specific feelings in their customers.

Certain scents will instantly give the brain the cue to cool down; this is why we often see similar ingredients like lavender and jasmine present in spa environments. However, we can also find other less common ingredients with a similar effect. Awareness of the elements that make our minds decompress and soothe is crucial as each scent is unique and may have a slightly different impact. 

So much so that we need to understand the effect these ingredients have on us; it's not the same to want to relax than to lower stress levels. For instance, rosemary is a herb that is proven to diminish cortisol levels in the body, and it's often associated with sensations of well-being and joy. Making it an excellent option for when we want to relax but not feel sleepy. On the other hand, despite being tied to feelings of contentment, we have lavender, helpful to promote sleep, especially for mothers and their babies, due to its demonstrated gentle sedative and comforting effects. 


"Certain scents will instantly give the brain the cue to cool down; this is why we often see similar ingredients like lavender and jasmine present in spa environments"


With that said, choosing the perfect soothing scent for your lifestyle involves clarifying your needs and goals and understanding the power of the ingredients available. Therefore we've created a quick list to guide you in this scenting journey. This information will help select the best option and take full advantage of the benefits of scenting. 

If you're eager to know more, remember our scenting experts are always willing to guide you and help you find the ideal aroma for you. Don't hesitate to contact us at www.unoro.com we can't wait to provide you with our scenting solutions.




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